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Are you looking for ABA services for your child in the comfort of your home? Are you looking for less stress in your life? Build-n-Care Therapy can help. We provide Customized in home ABA therapy, for managing Autism and enhancing the lives of children with special needs. We Provide in-home ABA therapy in New York , New Jersey and Illinois.
Applied Behavior Analysis
Natural science of behavior originating B.F. Skinner.
Applied Behavior Analysis is a scientific-based practice where a BCBA develops an individualized treatment plan to address goals across communication, social,academic and behavioral domains. Our trained ABA therapists work with children with autism to deliver evidence-based autism therapy.

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Build-n-Care ABA and Insurers
Insurance companies recognize medical necessity of ABA.
Most insurance companies are making ABA services accessible to families. Build-n-Care is committed to working with most private insurance companies. We’re an in-network provider for most health insurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Autism? And other frequently asked questions
One in Fifty kids between the ages of 6 and 17 has some form of autism, compared with 1 in 88 only five years earlier. We hope the following Frequently Asked Questions often asked on a regular basis by concerned caregivers will begin to give you a better understanding of autism and the services we provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

In-home ABA Therapy in NY, NJ, IL
In Home ABA Therapy NY, NJ,IL currently available throughout New York, New Jersey and Illinois. Our BCBA’s and ABA trained therapists combine caring, patient and family support services; key to successfully enhancing the lives of autistic children.

In Home ABA Therapy NY, NJ, IL,

Meet Our Clinical Director

Miriam Tress MSED, BCBA

With her compassion for special needs children Miriam began her masters in special education in the fall of 2007. As she continued to study, her  love for these children grew. As Miriam completed her Masters she began working for the Early Intervention Program of NJ. Miriam especially enjoyed working with children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. Miriam then went on to become a BCBA at Florida Institute of Technology, where she learned from the experts in the field of Behavior Analysis, and received intensive mentoring and hands on training.  Using her years of experience of Early Intervention and education of Behavior Analysis she is exemplary in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. Miriam continues to work with school aged children who require behavior modification and social skills training.

In Home ABA Therapy NY, NJ, IL


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Working with Build-N-Care In Home Aba Therapy NY, NJ, IL

In Home Aba Therapy NY, NJ, IL

Build-n-Care Therapy is dedicated to hiring qualified, caring therapists to provide the highest standard of in home ABA Therapy to children with developmental delays and disabilities.

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In home Autism therapy in New York, New Jersey and Illinois.

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