Child ABA Therapy Autism Services

at Home or in the Community.

Our ABA Therapy Autism Services include:

Starting ABA Therapy Autism Services for your child begins with an assessment.

We schedule a time to complete observations and interviews in your home. The report is typically completed within 2 weeks and provides recommendations that meet the specific needs of your child.

EXAMPLE: The BCBA then reviews the recommendations with you and as a team, we decide how to proceed. Once the family agrees to treatment and the level of service, then the BCBA creates Instructional Plans and Behavior Plans. Once the Behavior Technician is identified and services are approved, your ABA program begins.

How do I know if my insurance will cover ABA services?

We understand that as parents, your top priority is helping your children! Wrangling with insurance companies consumes valuable time and we are here to help. We assist our families in navigating the insurance maze so that you can do what you’re best at—help your children! For more information about Insurance coverage for ABA Therapy Autism services, please call today at 732-523-1245.

Some Insurance Companies We Work With:

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