Signs Of Autism

Guide to the early warning signs of autism and what you can do to help your child. For the best outcomes in treating signs of autism, early diagnosis and intervention are absolutely critical. “It’s clear that the earlier you start, the better the long-term outcomes are,” Dr. Paul Wang, head of medical research for the autism […]

Aba Therapy

There are a lot of ideas and perceptions about Aba Therapy, and many prepackaged plans that ostensibly provide a family with an ABA program. It is critical to remember that there is no single program or plan that “is” ABA. ABA Therapy, applied behavioral analysis, is simply the application of behavioral principles, to everyday situations, […]

Aba Therapy

ABA Therapy is a type of behavioral therapy that utilizes basic behavioral principles such as, positive reinforcement; prompting; shaping and generalization, that directly impacts the child’s development of language, socialization, and reduction of maladaptive behaviors. This methodology uses techniques such as discrete trial training and systematic data collection to guide treatment planning. ABA is a […]

Insurance Coverage for ABA Autism Benefits

Families of children with Autism have many day-to-day concerns. At Build N Care, we realize that managing and/or obtaining insurance coverage for medically necessary therapies is one of the biggest. Our experienced insurance team will assist you in determining your current Autism benefits. Thanks to the efforts of Autism Speaks and other local advocates, 37 […]

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment! Health Insurance Marketplace open enrollment has started! You can enroll now for a child only plan for an affordable rate. Comprehensive Behavior Supports will assist you in obtaining coverage for your child’s ABA program. No worries. You’re covered. Insurance carriers are very understanding of your child’s need for ABA therapy, and both private […]

Children with Autism

Since many children with autism are not motivated to learn by intrinsic rewards, it is the therapist’s job to provide external reinforcement as a means to increase the likelihood of a desired behavior. For a behavior to re-occur, reinforcement must be contingent on the desired behavior. As well, if a therapist wants to decrease inappropriate […]

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment has started! You can enroll now for a child only plan for an affordable rate. A word about Insurance If your current plan excludes ABA therapy, such as the example of many self-funded plans, this is a great opportunity to look at alternative options that can increase your […]

Autism Therapy New York

Build N Care is a New York & New Jersey based ABA Therapy agency that supports children and adults with autism, together with their families, in achieving greater independence, realizing their future potential, and contributing to their communities in a meaningful way by offering person-centered services. Build N Care provides home based Autism Therapy NY […]

Symptoms of Autism

Core Symptoms of Autism Though each child with autism is likely to have a unique pattern of behavior, there are some common symptoms of autism that parents can look for. Social Skills Symptoms may include Fails to respond to his or her name Has poor eye contact Appears to have selective hearing Resists cuddling and […]