Autism Treatment

About Build-n-Care-Mission Statement

120285-271x240-MildAutismTreatmentBuild-n-Care Therapy has a mission to use the fundamental principles of (ABA) Applied Behavior Analysis to guide and direct programming and behavior analysis to help children with special needs reach their full potential. Each program will be individualized to meet the unique needs of each child. We use the child’s strengths to help teach and overcome their challenges. Our goal is to work with families to produce a autism treatment program that will help enhance the lives of the children as well as their families. Trained Therapists in New York, New Jersey and Illinois.

Our Beliefs

idea-4We believe that with evidence-based practices and qualified professionals trained in ABA therapy, Autism Treatment can create a positive difference in a child’s development and ability to communicate. From day one, we will work tirelessly with you to assemble the best therapist for autistic children; and tools for your individual child and family. With patience, time, the right approach and a lot of hard work, we believe that every child can reach their full potential!

Autism Treatment

Our Values


  • Commitment to utilizing only evidence-based strategies that lead to functional treatment outcomes for clients, children and families.
  • Dedication to early diagnosis of potential disabilities leading to earlier intervention and greater opportunity to ensure needs are addressed during this critical stage of development.
  • Equitable access to Autism Treatment all children and families regardless of socioeconomic status.
  • Empowerment of families including service choices and information sharing to facilitate fully informed decisions about treatment.
  • Embedding treatment in natural settings with high degrees of family involvement and participation.

Our Compass

1. What is in the best interest of the child we are serving?
2. What is in the best interest of the family?
3. What is in the best interest of the ABA therapist?

Autism Treatment & Therapies

aut3Autism treatment is usually a very intensive, comprehensive undertaking that involves the child’s entire family and a team of professionals. Some autism treatment programs may take place in your home. These may be based in your home with professional specialists and trained therapists or may include training for you to serve as a therapist for your child under supervision of a professional. Some programs are delivered in a specialized center, classroom or preschool. It is not unusual for a family to choose to combine more than one autism treatment method.

Many of the autism treatment therapy methods described here are very complex and will require more research on your part before you get started. Whenever possible, observe the therapies in action. Talk to experienced parents and make sure you have a thorough understanding of what is involved before beginning any therapy for your child.

Before you choose an autism treatment, you will need to investigate the claims of each therapy so that you understand the possible risks and benefits for your child. At first, all of these techniques, ABA, VB, PRT, DTT, ESDM, among others, may seem like alphabet soup to you. You may be confused now, but you will be surprised at how quickly you become “fluent” in the terminology of autism therapies.

For information on different treatment options, turn to the glossary in this kit, or
visit and view the National Standards Project
produced by the National Autism Center at
You should also see your pediatrician for more information, so that you can be confident you are making informed choices as you begin to narrow down your options.

For Information on VB go to:

Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies