Build N Care

In a sit-down with the clinical director of Build N Care Therapy, Miriam Tress, she shared the following. Q: What kind of  program is Build N Care Therapy?  A: Build N Care Therapy is a in home Aba therapy program that serves children with Autism from 2 to 21. Q: What is it like to […]

Insurance Coverage for Autism

The Affordable Care Act contains important provisions regarding Insurance Coverage for Autism for individuals with autism and related conditions and their families.  Under the new health care law: Most health insurance plans are no longer allowed to deny, limit, exclude or charge more for coverage to anyone based on a pre-existing condition, including autism and related […]

Grants for children with Autism

The following webpage lists Grants for children with Autism. Before autism is diagnosed, other disorders have to be ruled out. This means the child will go through many months of tests including a MRI, genetic testing, and others. Also many families will move across the country to get the best services, schools, and specialists to […]