bot_img11Build-n-Care Therapy provides in home ABA Therapy Services for children diagnosed with autism , pervasive developmental disorders and related developmental disabilities, in addition to children with challenging behaviors. Therapy services are individualized and delivered through structured play and one-on -one teaching.

Goals may include functional communication, play skill development, interactive/social relationship development, and academic success. At the start a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) is conducted and a plan is established by one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) Therapy is supervised by the BCBA, who provides feedback to the family.

Progress is monitored by data collection, and ongoing communication. Our goal is to work with children diagnosed with autism and to produce a program that will help enhance their daily life. We accept most insurances, contact us today to begin the enrollment process.

Why Choose ABA Therapy Services?

Quite simply, Applied Behavior Analysis is the most widely researched and tried and true intervention for teaching learners with autism. The outcome data is astounding when compared to other methodologies. ABA just works! A common belief is that ABA is very concrete and rigid in its application. However, ABA is extremely versatile. Principles and varied modalities of ABA can be applied to teaching any behavior observed, such as play skills, social skills and/or communicative language, to name a few. ABA is not a fad and not a miracle therapy. However, with proper application, loads of hard work and talented instructors, learners may see outstanding gains in development. At Build N Care , we strive for excellence.

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