This collection of videos provides examples of various strategies that can be used to support students on the autism spectrum, as well as others with and without disabilities.  Many of the videos can also be used with families to assist their son/daughter at home. Others may benefit adults on the spectrum, as well.

How to Use Fidgets

Fidgets help reduce anxiety and increase attention in students with an autism spectrum disorder. This video describes fidgets and how to use them successfully in the classroom.

Executive Function Strategies

The Indiana Resource Center for Autism shares insights from Sarah Ward, MS, CCC-SLP, 360 Thinking Cognitive Connections

Wonder Time Clock for Early Childhood

The Wonder Time Clock is a learning tool designed to make the concept of ‘time’ more concrete for young children. This video reviews how the clock works and explains how to use the clock in a classroom setting.

Self Management Tools

This video describes the use of two evidence based practices: visual supports and self management. Focus: Calming Area

Teaching Play Skills

This video reviews the development of play skills in typically developing students and students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and demos activities for teaching appropriate play in students with an ASD.